14 thoughts on “Blink

  1. You’ve captured that feeling perfectly!! Oh, I remember the days!!! Brilliant. xxx
    Thank you Claire 🙂 You know, you could always set up a rendezvous with your other half and just pretend… haha… strangers meeting in a bar 😉

  2. Common feeling for all of us, I suspect – but so beautifully done as to feel quite unique
    Thank you Maureen! I’m so glad people can relate to it and feel ‘at home’ with it. That’s what it’s all about maybe?

  3. and the pic’s worthy of mention too
    Isn’t it wonderful Donald? When I came across it searching for ‘people in street’ I was just punching the air with an ‘oh yessss!’

  4. Oh I love this, Kiersty; you’ve captured that moment and the little frisson so well. Makes me feel young and old at the same time!
    Isn’t frisson such a wonderful word? Young and old would be a very wise way to feel I think. 🙂

  5. I love that moment of mutual understanding and connection that happens. You’re able to show it as the smile and sigh second that it is. Well done and much enjoyed. – Mimi.

  6. *Sigh* Ain’t it the truth girl, ain’t it just the truth. Ah, springtime when a young woman’s fancy turns to love, lust and all things kissy face. 🙂
    Oh and I do enjoy the kissy face, haha. Glad you liked it Val!

  7. you ARE beautiful! feel it ya, love this poem – the connection when eyes meet,
    that wordless place, tis beautiful indeed
    but again, again it just becomes like make believe as you walk away Tipota, dammit. Haha. xx

  8. This is beautiful Kiersty.
    Those little moments can be so delicious, and you’ve captured it with such loveliness … *sigh*
    I’m so liking these sighs… I write these little things and truly, honestly, I don’t know how they’ll be received. Thank you so much 🙂

  9. Thank you everyone for your comments! They mean such a lot and I’m so pleased I’ve found that way to reply individually. Thank you 🙂

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