Cornered – the Podcast

Music: ‘as a child’ by johnny_ripper is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 (Will Not Appear in Vimeo) License.

I left the door open wide.
The breeze made my knees bump gooses.
You were due at two.

I watched magpies watch me
From the old oak where you’d
Waved goodbye.

The petty politics were piled
On the table by the coats;
Red letter reminders of unforgiving Time.

The clock ticked and chimed
A toffee promise of reward, my eyes
Followed the clouds in ancient turnstile.

The magpies asked “who knows?!”
I said, “I knows, who knows, god knows,
Only he knows… I suppose.”

And my nose turned blue
And my eyes swam deeper, blue,
And my heart turned away from you.

I painted the walls white again.
Right back into the corner again.
I closed the door.

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