Author Services

Editing, Proofreading and Publishing Service

Kiersty Boon has assisted several writers to achieve their goal of a finished, professional manuscript published as a book and available for purchase worldwide. Her wealth of experience in marketing and PR also enables writers to promote themselves via their own websites, retail sites and press promotion.

Kiersty started this service as a reaction to many of her peers finding the publishing world impenetrable and often costly once the route of self-publishing was decided upon. Kiersty provides the end product at a small fraction of the cost charged by printing presses or publishers.

If you would like to find out more, please click to email here: Boonwriter

David Thomas – Musician (Pere Ubu, Rocket from the Tombs, David Thomas and two pale boys), Author of ‘Book of Hieroglyphs,’ ‘Cogs’ and ‘Chinese Whispers‘:
“Kiersty Boon’s edit of my books was a revelation, particularly in the realm of the poetry. She was in tune with the subtleties and nuances. Her work on the prose sections was succinct and thorough. I wouldn’t consider publishing any future work without her input.”

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