KS3 – Poetry Workshop

Key Stage 3 – Poetry Workshop for Schools

“I greatly enjoyed attending the excellent poetry workshop with Kiersty in the morning. The pupils were clearly enthused and inspired by Kiersty’s ideas and exercises. I think it’s so important to encourage this type of interaction between pupils and teachers of both schools. … Kiersty is a great example of someone who will inspire the next generation of creative writers!” Dr Gareth Farmer, Lecturer in English Studies, Bedfordshire University.

Using the three tricks of metaphor, alliteration and onomatopoeia, students are encouraged to embrace their language and use it to manipulate the things that are important to them. From their own selected thoughts, such as the thrill of being picked for the football team, their favourite TV programme or picking their nose(!), this will guide them through the joy they can find in expanding the thought and expressing it to an audience. A light-hearted and fast-moving workshop, students engage with poetry in new ways; feeling that they can participate rather than merely spectate.


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