Workshops for Poets and/or Performers

‘Poetry Here and Now’

The bold use of language, the changes that are happening with the way we communicate (and the way we don’t communicate) can be articulated in new and exciting ways. Rhythm, rhyme and enthusiasm – or desperation – can be channelled into achieving poetry that will connect your thoughts to the written word.

‘Poems and Performance’

There is a way to deliver your words despite and in spite of any nerves or shyness that you may feel with your own work. Your words can come alive and inspire your audience to listen. You don’t want the polite clapping from the back of the room but rather an explosion of appreciation, with a clear show that your words have been understood.

‘Cliché, Sentimentality and Porn!’

Damning the rules spouted by the newly self-elected literati, this workshop explores the pleasure of the obvious and the downright thrill in abusing the unwritten rules of modern poetry. If you’re going to break the mould, you need to break it good.

If you would like to find out more, please email Boonwriter

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